Thursday, January 5, 2012

Village Voice Ousts Long-time Senior Film Critic

The current logo of The Village VoiceImage via WikipediaThe Village Voice's senior film critic since 1988, (James Lewis) J. Hoberman, has been cut loose by publication owner Village Voice Media, according to reports on the New York Observer and Web sites.

Hoberman, 63, co-author of Midnight Movies (1983), was quoted as being "shocked, but not surprised" by his ouster. A Voice staffer dating back to 1983, Hoberman was a vocal union shop steward during staff labor negotiations with Village Voice Media last summer, when a strike was narrowly averted.

Hoberman joins a growing list of veteran Voicers who have departed the weekly in recent years, including Tom Robbins and Nat Hentoff, though the latter still is a contributor.
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