Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disney to Lucas: 'May the Force & $4b Be With You'

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George Lucas, the producer/director behind the Star Wars and Indiana Jones film series and American Graffiti, is $4.05 billion richer following The Walt Disney Co.'s acquisition of San Francisco-based Lucasfilm, the New York Times reported yesterday.

Lucas, 68, the beneficiary of the cash and stock deal, plans to step down from the daily operation of his company. Acquisition of the Lucas Empire brings to Disney a live-action production entity, the Industrial Light & Magic special effects business, Skywalker Sound audio company and a line of consumer products. Disney paid $4 billion for Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and $7.4 billion for Pixar Entertainment in 2006, as it continues to devour superhero and animated film outlets like a Death Star.

Plans are underway, according to Disney CEO Robert A. Iger, to resume the Star Wars film series, on which Lucas will consult, with the next film slated for 2015.  Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005) is the most recent film in the blockbuster series.

Although one can go to the well once too often, "TUOL" is looking forward to the 2015 Star Wars film in which Darth Vadar reveals to Donald Duck: "Duck, I am your feather."

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