Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WSJ & NYT Thrive, but Newspaper Circulation Declines Overall

A percent sign.
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The Audit Bureau of Circulations numbers for the six months ending Sept. 30 show a .2 percent decline in the newspaper industry compared to a year ago, The Wall St. Journal reports.

All is well, however, at the WSJ, the nation's largest newspaper, which experienced a 9.4 percent boost to its daily circulation compared to a year ago, topping out at an average 2.3 million. Its rival, The New York Times, rode a substantial boost in its digital issue circulation, to come in at 1.6 million copies daily, a 40 percent hike over last year's numbers, for the nation's third largest daily.

Overall, digital editions made up 15.3 percent of all U.S. circulation, compared to just 9.8 percent a year earlier.
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