Monday, October 15, 2012

Toronto Daily Debuts Digital Edition Paywall Next Week

The Globe and Mail
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The Globe and Mail October 22 rolls out a metered paywall for its digital readers that will allow 10 free articles a month to non-subscribers, the Toronto daily announced.

Those who subscribe to the daily print edition will have unlimited access to the digital version and apps, while weekend paper-subscribers must pony up $4.99 a month for unrestricted viewing. After an introductory one-month for $.99 promotion, current non-subscribers will be charged $19.99 a month for unlimited digital access, according to the Globe and Mail.

Canadian competitor Postmedia Network Inc. already has erected online paywalls on publications including the Vancouver Province and Ottawa Citizen.  Newspapers are increasingly turning to metered payment for online viewing to offset the loss of advertising revenue in traditional print editions. The Globe and Mail article cited a study of U.S. newspapers indicating that presently, only $1 in digital advertising is being generated for each $7 lost in print revenues.
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