Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MTV Generation Gets a Crack at the Prez

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MTV's "Power of 12" election promotion received a big boost as President Barack Obama will appear on the network this Friday, Oct. 26, at 5 p.m., where he will respond live for a half-hour to viewers' Facebook questions,'s TV Newser blog reports.

MTV correspondent Sway Calloway will interview the President in the White House while colleague Andrew Jenks chills at a nearby college campus with MTV-lovin' young voters. Viewers in the 18-29 age range potentially are a significant voting bloc, numbering roughly 45 million, though turnout by this age group historically has been spotty.

MTV has extended an invitation to GOP challenger Gov. Mitt Romney for a similar event, but he has yet to respond. "TUOL" wonders whether Gov. Romney thought he'd been invited to address "Mormon Tabernacle Voters" and figured he already had their support.

In any case, "TUOL" is eager to learn whether President Obama favors boxers or briefs (MTV once determined President Clinton preferred boxers, though, unfortunately, he liked them around his ankles). Looking forward to questions such as: "OMG, did you really call Kanye West a jackass? LOL."

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