Tuesday, April 2, 2013

UPDATE: Pounding the (Dead)Beat: Sun-Times Lags in Paying Tribune Printing Bill

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As a former Chicago denizen, "TUOL" thought the 10-year agreement under which the tabloid Chicago Sun-Times agreed to be published by the rival broadsheet Chicago Tribune (see "TUOL" post 7/20/11) was the most unlikely and worst financial decision since Oscar Madison and Felix Unger decided to share an apartment.

Now, according to a Tribune article about a story originally uncovered by blogger Robert Feder (the Sun-Times former tv beat reporter for nearly three decades), the two papers are squabbling over the Sun-Times' alleged foot-dragging in paying its printing tab. 

A Tribune spokesperson said the rival dailies (they even competed to see which would be the first to enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy--both did, but the Trib took longer to emerge) are "working to resolve a disagreement." Reportedly, the Tribune has resorted to pressuring the Sun-Times and socking it with late fees because the tabloid has supposedly been tardy in meeting monthly payments on the approximately $70 million annual payment to the Tribune (the figure includes distribution deal payment money).

The 10-year printing pact contains a two-year cancellation clause. The Sun-Times hoped to realize a $10 million savings when it outsourced printing to the Tribune and shuttered its South Ashland Ave. printing facility.
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