Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can St. Louis Rams Avoid the Rush (Limbaugh)?

Meeting Rush LimbaughImage by echobase_2000 via Flickr
St. Louis Business reports that conservative radio talkmeister and Missouri native Rush Limbaugh could become part of the NFL St. Louis Rams' ownership team if his group's bid is accepted.

Limbaugh joined with sports mogul Dave Checketts, whose New York-based company SCP Worldwide submitted a bid to buy the Rams.  SCP already owns the NHL St. Louis Blues and the MLS Real Salt Lake franchise.

The amount of the bid was not disclosed. Forbes estimated the team's worth at more than $900 million not long ago, though the franchise's 0-4 start and basement dwelling in the NFC West division may drive down the purchase price.

Limbaugh has done NFL commentary in the past and may prove to be an active owner.  Hint to opposing teams: if he calls offensive plays, expect a "wide right" formation.  The Rams roster includes a guard named Incognito, a surname that many teammates may adopt if Rush winds up in the owner's suite.  No word on whether players of color are concerned about having to ride on a separate team bus.  CNN commentator Paul Begala pleaded to keep the team doctors' medicine cabinet off-limits to Limbaugh.
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