Friday, October 9, 2009

Vegas Crapshoot: Station Says Rivals Disguised Ads As News

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KVBC-TV Channel 3 Las Vegas has lodged a complaint with the FCC against its rival stations, KVVU-TV Channel 5, KTNV-TV Channel 13, and  KLAS-TV Channel 8, accusing them of disguising paid advertising as "news stories."

The Las Vegas Review Journal has reported that the alleged infraction, which would violate the FCC's sponsor identification rules, involves Arrowhead Advertising and United Dodge Chrysler Jeep.  According to KVBC's complaint, its competitors during May-June 2009, aired news stories about the liquidation of vehicles by a dealership that Chrysler Corp. had dropped without disclosing that the franchise had purchased spot schedule advertising.

 The targeted KVBC-TV rivals have denied the allegations, as has Arrowhead Advertising, which implied "sour grapes" might be behind the complaint. According to Arrowhead, Channel 3 was excluded from the ad buy because of  poor ratings for its newscasts.
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  1. "They're jealous because we wouldn't let them take part in our crime." You need an arrow through your head to think that's a defense.