Monday, October 12, 2009

Is Dobbs in the Fox Hunt?

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The New York Times reports that Lou Dobbs, host of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight," dined with Fox News Channel President Roger Ailes last month, hinting that a possible move to the Fox Business Channel might be in the offing for the 64-year-old Texas-bred Dobbs.

Dobbs, who has been highly critical of the Obama Administration, joined CNN in 1980, left in 2000, before returning to the cable network in 2001. Fox Business Channel recently lured investigative reporter  John Stossel away from ABC.  Ancient radio shock jock Don Imus, another recent arrival, now airs his morning show on the Fox Business Network.

Were Dobbs to emigrate to Fox from CNN, the staunch libertarian Stossel presumably would welcome him with open arms. On the other hand, "TUOL" is wary of the "broken borders" between cable news networks and not sure Fox should employ a CNN immigrant such as Dobbs in a high-profile talk show, instead of giving one of its own a chance.
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  1. The only reason for moving to Fox is if you agree with their politics. That's why John Stossel took his Harry Reems looks and Al Goldstein sophistication there. Lou Dobbs would be a good fit, too. Unless there's a quota for people like him.