Monday, October 26, 2009

NY Times Reportedly Close to Unloading Worcester daily

Telegram & Gazette BuildingImage by bunkosquad via Flickr
A beverage mogul and a long-time former editor may be in line to purchase the Worcester (Mass.) Telegram & Gazette from The New York Times, according to the Editor & Publisher Web site and an article in the Worcester daily.

Ralph D. Crowley, 58, CEO of Polar Beverages Corp., and 63-year-old Harry T. Whitin, who spent 16 of his 44 years at the Telegram & Gazette as Editor in Chief before retiring last spring, have been negotiating with The New York Times and are hopeful they can complete a deal to acquire the paper within two weeks.

No dollar amount has been disclosed.  The Times  has previously threatened to shutter the Worcester daily, which has taken serious hits in circulaton and advertising revenues, as have many newspapers nationwide.
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  1. 1) Worcester may be dull, but news still happens there.

    2) Sounds like a great combination: an experienced editor and a publisher who will never leave him flat.

    3) You show a great deal of faith by using an image from the bunko squad.