Thursday, October 8, 2009

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The British Broadcasting CorporationImage by fatmanad via Flickr

The BBC has drafted revised editorial guidelines for its journalists, tightening the reins on their use of naughty language and abusive behavior when blogging and on air.

Although the BBC reviews its policies every five years, releasing the standards to the general public is unusual. Among  the latest pronouncements is that BBC journalists and presenters should not include in blog postings any content that they would not be willing or able to repeat on the air.

The proposed guidelines also challenge the use of profanity, suggesting that "bleeping out" may occur even if the naughty language is uttered after the so-called "watershed" hour of 9 p.m. In recent months, things have gotten a bit randy over at the BBC, with one popular broadcaster, Jonathan Ross, telling actress Gwyneth Paltrow during an interview that he would make love to her, though using much coarser language than "TUOL," which suggests that perhaps more than his British upper lip was stiff.
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  1. That was most un-pukka of Mr. Ross. He should have avoided the topic or, at the very most, said, "I'd like to break you open like a shotgun and load you up."