Tuesday, September 21, 2010

J-School Captain Won't Let His Ship Sink

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The Daily Egyptian, the college paper for Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, reports that Journalism School Director William Freivogel will take a two-month unpaid educational leave at a personal cost of $17,000 to spare the jobs of three of his department's employees.

Faced with the directive of a 4 percent budget cut, Freivogel will take various leaves coinciding with the Christmas and Spring breaks and the close of the school year. The Daily Egyptian reports that the jobs of faculty members Carolyn Kingcade and Vicki Kreher were in jeopardy, and receptionist Sherida Evans was targeted for re-assignment, before Freivogel proposed his unpaid leave.

A 34-year veteran of  The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Freivogel was named interim director of the journalism program in 2006, and became permanent director the following year. "TUOL" wonders how many bank presidents and corporate CEOs would follow Freivogel's path.
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