Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Team Coco Uncrisply Announces New Cable Show Title

American comedian Conan O'Brien at "Stand...Image via WikipediaForty-seven-year-old Brookline, Mass., native Conan O'Brien took to the Internet to announce via video the name of his new talk show that debuts on cable TV network TBS on November 8.

The show surprisingly will be called Conan.  That shouldn't upset NBC's legal department, which has imposed numerous restrictions on the red-headed comic since his ouster as host of The Tonight Show, but O'Brien has to keep his fingers crossed that the famous Barbarian who shares his moniker doesn't decide to enter the late-night talk show fray and trigger an epic trademark battle.

O'Brien is often clever, but his morose post-Tonight Show behavior ("I lost my dream job to Leno and only have $33 million in severance pay to show for it") has grown tiresome. TBS' pairing Conan with The George Lopez Show is the kind of double-barreled entertainment that makes "TUOL" long for a return to The Late Show movies of its youth, where a Charlie Chan, Sherlock Holmes, or Bowery Boys B-picture was always just a click away.

Given the limited cable audience TBS offers, another name change may soon follow Conan---Cancelled.
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