Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Calif. Weekly Aims High: Adds to Pot With Medical Marijuana Ads

Sacramento News & ReviewImage via WikipediaThe Sacramento News and Review ("SNR") has seen growth in circulation, staff, distribution and advertising revenue at a time when its fellow members of the dead-tree news brigade are enduring cutbacks. SNR's secret, according to News10/KXTV in Sacramento, is that the weekly has embraced purveyors of medical marijuana.

In fact, SNR launched a supplement, "4-20," to carry ads for more than 60 dispensaries of medicinal marijuana, the local ABC affiliate reports. SNR's Publisher Jeff vonKaenel said the ad revenue boost is enabling the weekly to hire three staffers and expand distribution.

Readers of  The Sacramento News and Review literally can pick up the paper to find the latest dope. It's like mind-blowing, man.

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