Monday, July 18, 2011

Canadian Media Conglomerate Withdraws from Ontario Press Council

The Sun cover from June 27, 2010.Image via WikipediaSun Media, parent company of Quebecor Media Inc., has pulled out of the Ontario Press Council ("OPC"), according to an article in The Vancouver Sun.

Sun Media head Glenn Garnett attributed the move to his chain's editorial direction being at odds with the OPC's being "politically correct." OPC Chair Dr. Robert Elgie pointed out that Quebecor previously had withdrawn from a Quebec-based media watchdog group. The Toronto Sun, Edmonton Sun, Calgary Sun and Winnipeg Sun are part of the Sun Media Group.

The OPC, which was established in 1972, oversees more than 200 newspapers. Sun Media's dailies make up 27 of the 37 in OPC's jurisdiction, the article noted.
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