Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tech Scribe Pogue Remains a Godsend to NY Times Public Editors

Logo of The New York Times.Image via WikipediaArthur Brisbane, The New York Times public editor, has posted on the Gray Lady's blog that henceforth, its technology columnist, freelancer David Pogue, will run his agent's proposed speaking engagements past his Times editor.

In an Email he sent to Brisbane, Pogue apparently has sworn off speechifying to public relations groups, such as Ragan Communications, which recently compensated Pogue for a live virtual event carrying a $159 price tag entitled "Pitch me baby!" Pre-recorded video presentations by Pogue at the event included "Pogue's Five Pitch pet peeves'" and "what you should NEVER do when pitching a reporter."

The Times imposes strict ethics guidelines on staffers prohibiting their involvement in for-profit PR workshops that imply privileged access to the press. Because Pogue is a freelance contributor, however, he will only be subject to the Times standards when writing for the daily.

Brisbane's predecessor as Times Public Editor, Clark Hoyt, took Pogue to task in 2009 for his non-Times activities that he believed posed a conflict of interest. Pogue is the author of the Missing Manual series of books and a technology correspondent for CNBC and CBS News Sunday Morning, among his many diversions.

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