Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CNN Favoring Curry?

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Ann Curry, unceremoniously dumped by The Today Show, but still under contract to NBC News, is looking to jump to CNN, where she would be reunited with former boss Jeff Zucker, and other outlets report.

According to the Inquisitr and Radar Online blogs, Curry is asking out of her contract with NBC, but the Peacock Network appears disinclined to grant her request.  Were she just to quit, she reportedly would be constrained by a non-compete clause from joining CNN. Sources report that her attorney could opt to bring a breach of contract suit based on her changed status. Meanwhile, NBC has been trying to arrange a lunch with Curry and Today Show host Matt Lauer, who has been excoriated by the public and blamed for Curry's ouster from Today.

Those keeping score may find it difficult to discern which networks are currying favor and favoring Curry.

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