Tuesday, January 8, 2013

HuffPo Cites Politico Journo Layoffs

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The Huffington Post yesterday reported that five-year-old Politico has trimmed its editorial staff, but the Rosslyn, Va.-based online political news organization denies the job reduction is a sign of distress.

HuffPo singled out photographer Jess Kamen, who tweeted that Politico had cut him loose, and technology reporter Jay Westcott, whom HuffPo sources said was also let go, as among those pink-slipped. Reporter Dave Catanese resigned from Politico last week. The HuffPo article did not report on the total number of editorial positions affected by the layoffs. Politico's editorial staff is 156 strong, according to a Washington Post article.

Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris insists his organization is growing, and is up 30 employees compared to last year, when its editorial and business workforce reportedly exceeded 225. HuffPo has previously reported that Politico was diverting resources to Politico Pro, a subscribers-only service concentrating on policy.

Whether Politico is shrinking or merely restructuring remains unclear, though axed staffers probably care little about the distinction. If only certain actual Washington Politicos would follow suit and leave their jobs, the nation would be better off.

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