Monday, January 28, 2013

Reporter Seeks to Quash Subpoena in Murder Probe

New York Daily News front page on August 9
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The New York Daily News last week invoked the Empire State's shield law [New York Civil Rights Law Article 7 § 79-h] in a motion to quash a subpoena of reporter Kevin Deutsch, whose testimony is sought regarding the 2011  homicide of a decorated police officer, reported.

Prosecutor Kenneth Taub, whose office is pursuing the case against five suspects accused in the murder of Officer Peter Figoski, wants Deutsch to testify concerning a jailhouse interview he conducted with one of the suspects, alleged getaway driver Michael Velez, according to the post.  New York's shield law prevents authorities from requiring journalists to disclose confidential sources, unless it can be shown the information sought can't be obtained elsewhere. Taub contends he needs Deutsch's testimony to obtain Velez's conviction.

Journalists are fearful that incarcerated individuals would be loathe to grant confidential jailhouse interviews if they believed the information could be used against them by law enforcement officials.

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