Friday, January 11, 2013

Not Easy Being Green: NYT Shutterrs Environmental Desk

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Climate change appears to have been trumped by economic change as the New York Times is re-assigning the seven reporters and two editors who manned the daily's environmental desk, according to a post on the blog.

No word on the fate of the Gray Lady's Green Blog, though the environmental and deputy environmental editor positions are being abolished, reported. Managing Editor for news operations Dean Baquet denied the move is a cost-savings measure, though it comes on the heels of the daily offering voluntary buyouts to 30 staffers last month to curb expenses.

Former Times Executive Editor Bill Keller launched the environmental desk in 2009, hiring Erica Goode as its first editor.

Looks as if the Times is less focused on Going Green than it is greenbacks going away as advertising revenues and paper edition circulation decrease.
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