Monday, December 2, 2013

Fund-Raising for Future Woodwards & Bernsteins

Oz Sultan and Israel Mirsky
 (Photo credit: John Swords), a new commercial Website developed by Israel Mirsky, will enable journalists and nonprofits to solicit crowdsource funding to back investigative journalism, the New York Times reported today.

The nonprofit Center for Public Integrity is a partner on Uncoverage and its efforts will be featured on the site, according to the Times article. Uncoverage will take 5 to 7 percent of each transaction, but will provide services to the reporters, such as fact-checkers, according to the Times article.

Mirsky says the site is geared toward veteran investigative reporters, not newbie journalists. "TUOL" gets a headache just thinking about the confidential source/reporter privilege issues raised by this new outlet. Details to come.
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