Monday, December 2, 2013

The Lid Is Off: Mile High City Daily Names Marijuana Editor

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Print journalism aficionados who complain newspapers have gone to pot may be onto something--The Denver Post last week named Ricardo Baca to head its marijuana coverage, Politico reported.

Baca, a 12-year Post vet and the daily's former entertainment and music critic, will cover cannabis, along with an as-yet hired freelance pot critic and freelance pot columnist (I.F. Stoner?), according to the Politico post.  Colorado voters in November 2012, passed Amendment 64 that legalized recreational marijuana use for those 21 and older, prompting the Post to augment its coverage and weed out editorial staffers in search of the right journalist to helm its doobie beat.

The Politico article notes that the Post's human resources department said the daily still prohibits workers in the newsroom from reeking of marijuana or ingesting the wacky tabacky in the newsroom itself. A sound editorial move to shore up its marijuana reporting, but "TUOL" can't help but wonder if the Denver Post is comfortable going from a daily paper to a rolling paper?
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