Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Red Bulletin: Something to Read After Energy Drink 'Gives You Wings'

Red Bull Mini in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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Whenever the hard-working staff of "TUOL" has a hankering for a refreshing cold can of taurine and glucuronolactone, we reach for Red Bull, the 26-year-old energy drink developed in Austria by the Red Bull GmbH company.

Like everyone else, we knew that 35 billion cans of the energy elixir have been consumed in more than 165 countries, but "TUOL" was surprised to learn, courtesy of Folio magazine (, that the company's six-year-old magazine, The Red Bulletin, has a circulation of 2.7 million, is printed in five languages, and is available by subscription and on newstands.

The magazine, which also has a Web site and an app, is a stellar example of what industry types call "brand journalism." Published by the energy drink's media arm, Red Bull Media House, the magazine resembles other lifestyle periodicals. A recent issue, for example, included the following articles: "Actor Eric Bana discusses his vintage car fetish," "An interview with one of the developers of the new Call to Duty Game," and "Formula One driver rides one of the world's oldest motorcycles."

Compelling reading. Unfortunately, when the staff of "TUOL" slakes its thirst with caffeine-laced Red Bull, we can't sit still long enough to read a magazine.
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