Thursday, December 12, 2013

Report: NY Observer Redesign Smokes Salmon-Colored Paper Stock

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Advertisers are currently getting a peek at the redesigned The New Observer weekly newspaper that is supposed to hit newsstands in February 2014, but this week spilled the beans that the new Observer will jettison its distinctive salmon-colored paper.

The Observer, which each Wednesday covers Gotham City's media, politics, publishing, entertainment, real estate and cultural scene, also will debut a new logo and return to a tabloid format that it boasted in 2006, before returning to a broadsheet format two years ago, according to the Capitalnewyork article.  The Observer, which has been around since 1987, is also expected to add "arts" and "style" sub-sections in its new design format.

It remains to be seen whether the paper's upscale readership rebels at the changeover from salmon to white paper by swimming upstream to another publication. Maybe white type on a Beluga caviar-black paper might appease readers.
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