Friday, June 26, 2009

Daily Star Spends It on Beckham

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Express Newspapers Group will pay David Beckham significant undisclosed damages and attorneys' fees in settlement of the 34-year-old English soccer star's defamation claim against 'The Daily Star' regarding an April 30, 2008, front-page story alleging that he "made a play" for Hungarian model Mariann Fogarasy.

Beckham did not appear in London's High Court where the settlement was announced. Counsel for the media defendant acknowledged that the story was untrue and "apologizes to Mr. Beckham and his family for the distress, embarrassment, and injury caused to him. "

The offending article featured the page 1 headline "Becks & the Blonde Beauty," and an inside heading on pages 4 and 5, "Topless model claims she was chatted up by footie star." The article claimed that following an AC Milan soccer match in Hungary, Beckham "made a play" for Fogarasy and continued to email her with "private invitations."

Beckham and his spouse, Victoria "Posh Spice," have reduced constant public attention and compensation unrelated, respectively, to goal-scoring or singing, to an art form.

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  1. Suppose it's true and Beckham did talk to the model. Was she "topless" at the time? If so, I'd say that's an extenuating circumstance, wouldn't you? What's more, I think the "Daily Star" should publish the name of that bar in Hungary as a public service. As they say in Budapest, "Upyor Zsa Zsa."