Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PBS: Fund-raising, tote bags-yes, Religion-no

Member stations are prohibited from airing new religious programming, but existing "sectarian" shows may continue, The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) board voted yesterday.

Although PBS stations must show noncommercial, nonpartisan, nonsectarian programming, the latter has been loosely interpreted. Based on yesterday's vote, the Mormon Church-affiliated KBYU in Salt Lake City, Catholic diocese-run KMBH in Harlingen, Texas, and Catholic lay organization operated WLAE in New Orleans, for example, may continue to air current religious lectures and local church services.

PBS stations may air religious programs on digital tv stations and Web sites provided the stations don't include PBS brand identification or include PBS programs, the board voted.

Now that PBS has addressed religious zealots, it should do something about Dr. Deepak Chopra and personal finance zealot Suze Orman.

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  1. Thou I speak with the tongue of men and of angels, If I have not TV, then I'm screwed in the Southern and Western markets.