Friday, June 5, 2009

Oenophile Parker's Whine to Get Airing in French Court

Robert M. Parker, renowned U.S. wine critic and author of Parker's Wine Buyers Guide and The Wine Advocate, is a defendant in a defamation case slated for trial in France in July.

The plaintiff in the case is Parker's former assistant, Hanna Agostini, co-author of an unflattering book about Parker that was published in France. Agostini has denied allegations concerning forgery in a matter involving Belgian wine trader Geens.

According to the defamation suit, Parker allegedly misstated the potential penalties Agostini faces if found guilty and also purportedly wrote on his Internet site that Agostini "could end up stagnating in prison." Hard to resist the temptation of saying the case may be decided by a nose.

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  1. Some "Noble Rot" produces sweet wines. This kind sours relationships.