Monday, August 24, 2009

Pentagon Press Screening: In Bed to Embed?

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At the Pentagon's direction, PR mavens The Rendon Group are examining the backgrounds of journalists seeking credentials to embed with U.S. forces in Afghanistan, evaluating the reporters' work as "positive," "negative," or "neutral" to the military's objectives.

Stars & Stripes reports that the Pentagon employed similar vetting practices regarding journalists in the Iraq conflict. The Washington, D.C.-based Rendon Group , beneficiaries of a $1.5 million Dept. of Defense "news analysis and media assessment" contract, helped to create the Iraqi National Congress. Military officials insist journalists will not be denied credentials based on the Rendon-compiled profiles, and contend that the process is being performed so that the military can know something about the reporters with whom they are working.
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  1. Like a soldier's boot after a fifty-mile march, this program doesn't pass the smell test.