Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prospering Periodicals in Poor Publishing Climate

An issue of Harper's from 1905Image via Wikipedia

"TUOL" posts have been awash in bleak news of declining ad revenues and faltering magazines such as Business Week and TV Guide, but some journals are still bringing the juice.

Admittedly, the 243 magazines tracked by Publishers Information Bureau ("PIB") showed a 28 percent drop in ad pages during the first half of 2009, compared to the first six months of 2008. But some periodicals increased ad pages in 2009 when matched against 2008 figures, according to PIB.

Don't look for the Utne Reader, Atlantic Monthly, Harper's or any political or news magazine among the prospering periodicals. Instead, the winners include Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Country Weekly, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Cooking with Paula Deen, OK!, Family Circle, Organic Gardening and Scholastic Parent & Child.

The secrets to their success vary, ranging from attractive re-designs to Scholastic Parent & Child's decision to run ads on their cover. Venture capitalist alert: this blogger is considering a start-up computer magazine that will focus on food, parenting and fitness Websites. Make your blank checks payable to "TUOL."
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  1. I believe you confused several of the magazines on your list. The correct titles are: IT'S OK TO COOK AN ORGANIC CHILD and IF PAULA DEEN WAS IN MY FAMILY CIRCLE, I'D GO TO THE COUNTRY WEEKLY.