Monday, April 19, 2010

Comcast Backing a New 'Nutwork'

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Comcast is a name partner behind a new conservative-themed television network set to debut this summer called RightNetwork, the Huffington Post reports.

A spokesperson for the broadcast entity said at a recent tea party rally that the programming will be designed for "people who believe in this country and believe we don't have to apologize to anyone... [and]...for people who live in what they call flyover country and what we call America." Take that, pinko Fox Network.

One of RightNetwork's most high-profile supporters is actor Kelsey Grammer, who, doubtless is thrilled at the prospect of another entertainment outlet that can air another of his failed sitcoms in which he plays Frasier Crane under an assumed name.

CORRECTION [4-20-10] --Comcast has denied sponsoring RightNetwork. Jennifer Khoury, Comcast Corporate Communications Veep, posted that Comcast has met with RightNetwork representatives, but has not made a decision to invest in, sponsor, or launch the network.

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