Monday, April 26, 2010

Playboy Issues Multiplying Like Rabbits

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 12:  Publisher Hugh He...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
After a year of gloomy news regarding plunging circulation and staff cutbacks (see "TUOL" posts 3/1/10, 9/1/09), things are looking up for Playboy.

MediaWeek reports that the men's magazine plans to publish 11 issues this year and a full 12 issues in 2011, after previous reports that only 10 copies of the pulchritudinous periodical would appear on newsstands this year. Hugh Hefner's magazine recently outsourced its business operations to American Media, Inc. as a cost-savings measure, and circulation, which peaked at 7 million in the 1970s, hovers around 1.5 million nowadays.

Still, as contradictory as it may sound,  Playboy won't go bust

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