Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tweetin' Multitudes: Twitter Users Exceed 100 Million

The Twitter fail whale error message.Image via Wikipedia
Approximately 105 million users are gamely banging out 140-character messages on the San Francisco-based microblogging sensation Twitter, according to a Reuters news report.

Numerous private companies have developed Web applications enabling Internet surfers to access Twitter, and efforts to make the social networking outlet more accessible via mobile devices, such as cell phones, suggests that millions more will avail themselves of Twitter in the years ahead.

The numbers on which Twitter CEO Evan Williams  is focused, however, are in Twitter's bank account. As posted in "TUOL" yesterday, the company has introduced "Promoted Tweets" as a means to amass revenue from advertisers, such as Sony  and Starbucks, to have their messages appear first in searches.

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