Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Magazine Industry: Fewer Births & Deaths

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The first quarter of 2010 witnessed a slowdown in the number of magazines going belly-up, but also fewer periodicals making their debut, according to online magazine database Mediafinder.com.

Folio reports that although 22 magazines ceased publications compared to a staggering 95 periodicals during the comparable period a year ago, the 1Q of 2010 saw 25 new publications, down from 110 new titles in the 1Q of 2009.  Home, food and health remain the topics that spawned new magazines.

Whereas 16 journals converted from print to online-only during 1Q 2009, only seven magazines switched to virtual-only editions in the first months of this year. Given the state of ad revenues and circulation  nowadays, the magazine industry subscribes to the credo: "Non-catastrophic news is good news." 

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