Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CNN & CBS Marriage in the Works?

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Building viewership and slashing costs are motivating reported news partnership conversations between CBS News and CNN.

Neither CBS nor Time Warner have acknowledged the rumored negotiations, which could result in a boon for both networks. Were a joint operation to be realized, CBS would have a cable outlet to match rival NBC's cable counterpart MSNBC, while CNN could draw on Black Rock's stable of news stars, such as Katie Couric, to combat Fox News and MSNBC, both of which are eating CNN's lunch in the ratings war at present.

Reportedly, even if CNN and CBS combine operations, the Eye Network's "60 Minutes" would be exempt, though the Sunday night powerhouse has made correspondent overtures to CNN's Anderson Cooper in the past.  "TUOL" is undecided about whether a CNN/CBS marriage would result in a journalism upgrade, but it would offer a golden opportunity to perform Carbon 14 testing on Larry King and Andy Rooney.  

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