Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A New Owner for Discover Magazine?

January 2005 issue of Discover.Image via Wikipedia
"Science, Technology & the Future" is the slogan that appears below the title of Discovermagazine.com, but the future of the Website and monthly magazine with a 700,000 circulation is uncertain, according to FOLIO magazine.

Bidding to purchase the periodical begins May 17, and so far, FOLIO reports, about two dozen suitors are interested in perusing the offering memorandum. Private equity firms WallerSutton and Sandler Capital Management are the backers of Discover Media LLC. Disney Publishing sold Discover in 2005 to Bob Guccione, Jr., for roughly $15 million. Discover Media CEO Henry Donahue took over for Guccione in 2007.

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