Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UPDATE: Theriot & Jeffersion Parish to Anonymous Bloggers: 'Never Mind'

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The Web affiliate of the New Orleans Times-Picayune,, reports that Interim Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot has dropped the lawsuit in which he and the parish were plaintiffs that sought the identities of anonymous posters on the "NOLA" Website critical of him and parish political machinations (See "TUOL" post 5/12/10).

In  a dazzling display of revisionism, Theriot claims he brought suit in the 24th Judicial District (Parish of Jefferson & Steve Theriot  v. John Does 1-100, Case No. 687191) and subpoenaed the daily newspaper and its Website for the identities of 11 anonymous bloggers because he wanted to learn more about the specific complaints of the pseudonymous posters.  One has to admire such a dedicated public servant's interest in the concerns of the parish's constituents, but that doesn't jibe with the Complaint itself that alleged Theriot "suffered embarrassment" or that the anonymous comments contained defamatory remarks.

Maybe a law student told Theriot that a municipality can't be defamed, or more likely, some elected officials told him to stop wasting Jefferson Parish funds on such an ill-advised venture. Big Easy, meet Big Sleazy.

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