Thursday, May 27, 2010

'Nightline' Scores Highest Ratings Interviewing Jesse James

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ABC News' Nightline achieved its highest ratings Tuesday night since it debuted with its makeover format in 2005.

The reason for the ratings leap was correspondent Vicky Mabry's interview with Jesse James. Not the outlaw--the inbred. The 41-year-old James, the motorcycle and car customizer, former star of cable tv fare such as Discovery Channel's Monster Garage and Spike TV's Jesse James Is A Dead Man, and soon-to-be ex-Mr. Sandra Bullock.

James regaled breathless viewers with tales of how being physically abused by his father somehow led him to cheat on Bullock--America's Sweetheart--including his affair with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, the multiple-tattooed stripper who seems to share James' penchant for donning Nazi regalia.

ABC News executives  apparently decided there was no need to report on the BP oil slick when it would be easier to interview someone who is slick and oily.  Somehow, "TUOL" suspects that the thrice-married James, who co-starred on Donald Trump's second season of Celebrity Apprentice, would not have been appeared on the original Nightline even if Ted Koppel were being asked to conduct the interview at gunpoint.


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