Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newspaper Websites Visits Soar: Where's the Ad Revenue?

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The Newspaper National Network reports that the number of visitors to online newspapers in the 25 largest media markets continues to soar, climbing to 83.7 million unique visitors in April 2010, a 15 percent increase over January 2010 figures.

Based on the NNN's comScore measure, that translates to 2 billion page views last month, compared to 1.6 billion page views in January 2010, a 24 percent increase. The numbers are equally encouraging in the top 10 media markets, which saw a 15 percent boost in April figures compared to January.

The percentage increase in visitors at the online newspaper sites outdistanced the numbers at CNN.com and The Huffington Post. The devoted staff of "TUOL" is clearly in the minority when it turns the pages of the morning daily while downing coffee at the breakfast table.

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