Monday, March 14, 2011

al-Qaeda Produces a Magazine that Doesn't Explode

220Image via WikipediaAl-Shamikah ("The Majestic Woman") is the latest monthly periodical published by al-Qaeda's media arm, which introduced the glossy English-language Inspire nine months ago to recruit Western Muslims to commit terrorist acts, the Web site reports.

The outlaw group's most recent glossy Death-to-Periodicals effort markets global jihad to Muslim women, amid tips for finding the right man and maintaining a perfect complexion.  The debut cover features a woman wearing a niqab (face veil) and sporting a submachine gun, apparently, standard attire for the modern terrorist on the go.

The dedicated staff of "TUOL" doesn't know if al-Qaeda plans to expand its stable of periodicals to Western readers, but humbly offers the following titles if it does: BurkaWeek, Martyr's Digest and  (kill)People.

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  1. Don't want to tell the Allies how to do their job, but it seems to me that the day the magazine proofs are delivered might be a good time to move in and capture the editorial staff. Having troops man the newsstands might work too. You're welcome.