Tuesday, March 1, 2011

English High Court Sides With Daily Mail, Protects Anonymous Commenters

Anonymous WomanImage via WikipediaCiting the privacy rights of anonymous bloggers under the European Convention on Human Rights, England's High Court ruled The Daily Mail does not have to reveal the identities of two "posters" sought by a woman who wants to sue them for defamation.

Mrs. Justice Victoria Sharp, in her ruling, said the posters' privacy rights trumped the would-be plaintiff's right to take legal action, adding that the underlying anonymous comments amounted to little more than "pub talk." Underlying the case was an online Daily Mail article about a successful defamation suit brought by the would-be plaintiff against Slough Borough Council. The woman was incensed by two anonymous remarks posted on the Mail's Web site following the article.

Mrs. Justice Sharp said the woman's case did not warrant revealing the identities of the posters.

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