Monday, March 7, 2011

Gannett Hopes 'It's All Within Reach'

Gannett LogoImage via WikipediaThe media conglomerate that is the nation's largest newspaper owner wants apathetic advertisers to know it's also a digital force to be reckoned with.

Gannett Co.'s flagship newspaper, USA Today, reports today that the media giant, which boasts among its holdings 82 newspapers and 23 television stations, has launched a re-branding campaign that features a new logo and a decidedly uninspired tagline: "It's all within reach." Gone is the "G" superimposed on the globe image, replaced by no illustration, just the company's name in a Verlag typeface.

The new campaign by Gannett, which last year realized $588 million in net income on $5.4 billion in revenue, seeks to remind would-be advertisers that the media company's holdings are visible on the Internet, tablet computers and Smartphones, as well as the traditional mainstream outlets of newspapers and television. All Gannett properties will  conspicuously tout their Gannett connection as part of the new campaign.

Gannett's digital holdings, such as Captivate, are bound to benefit from the conglomerate's Grecian Formula-efforts to look younger and more cutting edge.

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