Thursday, March 10, 2011

AOL: You've Got Layoffs!

AOL Running ManImage by Frank Gruber via FlickrAOL, fresh off its acquisition of The Huffington Post [see "TUOL" post 2/7/11], has slashed 900 jobs, according to the and All Things Digital Web sites.

The breakdown involves pink slips being issued to 200 U.S. employees and 400 workers in India, and outsourcing another 300 jobs in India. Among those departing are Jonathan Dube, senior veep of news. Editorial and other media product groups are taking a hit, but advertising staffers were spared in this round, so that they can devote themselves to drumming up ads for The Huffington Post, no doubt.

Since Tim Armstronng became CEO of America Online, 90 percent of the Internet Service Provider's leadership team has turned over.  Now we understand what the AOL "running man" logo is running from.

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