Monday, December 7, 2009

Doctored Livingston (Profile) I Presume

HOLLYWOOD - OCTOBER 19:  Actor Ron Livingston ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Actor Ron Livingston, 42, best-known for his role as Peter in cult comedy "Office Space" (1999), has sued Wikipedia in Los Angeles Superior Court for libel, invasion of privacy, and appropriation because an unknown individual allegedly has repeatedly altered Livingston's Wikipedia page to suggest he is involved in a gay relationship with Hollywood casting director Lee Dennison, celebrity Web site TMZ reports.

The Cedar Rapids, Iowa, native, who married actress Rosemary DeWitt earlier this year, claimed the hacking of his Wikipedia page began in May. According to the Complaint, whenever the rumored relationship with Dennison was deleted, the anonymous hacker would restore it on Livingston's Wikipedia page.  The same individual purportedly created a false Facebook page suggesting that Livingston and Dennison were in a relationship.

Livingston, who appeared on several episodes of  "Sex and the City" as Sarah Jessica Parker's boyfriend, is currently filming "Dinner for Schmucks," according to the Internet Movie Database Web site.
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  1. Did playing Carrie's boyfriend on "Sex In The City" prepare him for "Dinner With Schmucks?"