Monday, December 14, 2009

Former Spitzer Escort Hustles NY Post Advice Column

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The New York Post has hired 24-year-old Ashley Dupre, the former escort whose liaison with ex-NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer contributed to his becoming ex-NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer, to author "Ask Ashley," a weekly advice column that will appear in the Post's Sunday "Meet Market" (no, really).

A photograph of the ex-cocotte columnist wearing a conservative suit, glasses, strategically unbuttoned blouse, and high heels accompanies the column. Some of the tidbits from the Postitute's most recent column include: "Guys are primal. They're proud and need to be treated like they're proud and special;" "Women are not really as complicated as men think. If we love you, it doesn't take much."  If you're Client 9, it takes $4,300 cash.

If former Post publisher Dorothy Schiff were alive today, this would kill her.  Back in Ms. Schiff's day, the New York Post hired columnists, such as Pete Hamill, who could hustle and work the streets. Under Rupert Murdoch, apparently, columnists can be hustlers who walk the streets.
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  1. Three cheers for"Postitute!" The newest conflation about the oldest profession. There's no log like a neologism. As for the tabloid in question,
    it's suffering from PTSD: Post Traumatic Sex Disorder.