Monday, December 7, 2009

Former ABC Newser John Stossel Sly As A Fox Host

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With the cleverly named "Stossel" set to debut this week on Fox Business Network, 62-year-old mustachioed Libertarian John Stossel, a 28-year ABC veteran, sat down for an interview with The Daily Beast blog (

Stossel, a Princeton grad, revealed that during his long tenure at ABC, he appeared only once each on World News Tonight and Nightline, and could not count the late anchor Peter Jennings as a fan.  Stossel said that Jennings was dismissive of him for not upholding the objectivity of ABC News and would not acknowledge Stossel when he passed him in the hallways.

The anecdote offers yet another reason to respect Jennings and ought to invite introspection by Stossel, because it's not easy for Canadians to dislike anybody.
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  1. The Harry Rheems look-alike with "Quest For Fire" politics shouldn't expect anything more from real journalists. The Fox Business Network is the right place for him.