Friday, February 5, 2010

Kansas High Court Rejects Reporter's Privilege Claim

Dodge City, Front StreetImage by Kevin H. via Flickr
The Kansas Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Dodge City Globe reporter Claire O'Brien, whose notes and confidential sources are being sought by a prosecutor in a homicide case.

Prosecutors are seeking information from O'Brien arising from her jailhouse interview of a murder suspect.  The Kansas Supreme Court not only denied O'Brien protection, but also refused to allow submission of friend-of-the-court amicus briefs on her behalf.

Kansas does not have a shield law.
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  1. Is Claire O'Brien any relation to Hugh O'Brien, who played Wyatt Earp on TV? As the Sheriff of Dodge City (later Tombstone, AZ) he wouldn't cotton to this stuff. Anyone tries laying a hand on his records, they'd draw back a stub, sho' nuff.