Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tiger Woods' Handicap Lands TV Gig

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Rachel Uchitel, a/k/a golfer/swinger Tiger Woods' "Mistress No. 1," has been offered a "special correspondent" slot on the syndicated tabloid tv entertainment show "Extra."

The Page Six column of The New York Post reports that the show's producers were impressed with Uchitel after she was interviewed by Mario Lopez (not to be confused with Charlie Rose). She is expected to cover nightlife, in which she has demonstrated some expertise.

First Ashley Dupre, former NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer's favorite escort, lands an advice column with The New York Post (see "TUOL" post 12/14/09), and now Uchitel scores a high-profile media job.  Wonder how long before adds "floozy" and "trollop" to its career board options?

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  1. What a way with words. I laughed out loud at your middle paragraph.

    I'm not laughing at these ladies, though. I feel badly for them. They've fared the worst in the scandals. As with Monica Lewinsky, infamy will always be attached to them while their male counterparts move on with much less adhering damage.

    However, journalists these ladies are not.

  2. A movie about both these pseudo-journalists is being made. It will be called, "The Front Pig."