Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Locker Room Humor Marketing: First iPad, Now Nook E-Reader

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After a two-month production delay,  New York-based bookseller Barnes & Noble, Inc. expects its Nook electronic book reader to be available for purchase in most of its bookstores this week, Reuters reports.

Until now, the rival to Amazon.com, Inc.'s Kindle reader could only be had through the book chain's Web site or via in-store kiosks. Introduced in October 2009, the Nook e-reader sold out before the December holidays and the company struggled to restock the product.

The erudite, sophisticated, law-trained "TUOL" staff is renowned for its demureness, but Madison Ave. ad agencies must be overstaffed with frat boys to have come up with "Nook E-reader." Does it come with a V-chip? Can you only read boxed sets?  Is the text viewing piecemeal?

Sorry, but at least "TUOL" showed admirable restraint when Apple debuted the iPad.

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